Fosamax Lawsuits Over Bone Fractures Being Consolidated

By RPLLC • June 13th, 2011

Fosamax is under fire after claims that the drug causes small bone fractures and consequentially, led to a consolidated Multidistrict proceeding in the District Court of New Jersey.

The litigation combines over 37 different lawsuits currently pending in district courts throughout the country, all related to bone fractures. Fosamax is also facing a number of lawsuits regarding jaw issues. The jaw issues have led to multidistrict litigation of their own in New York.

Over 60 percent of the cases that were filed pertaining to Fosamax were filed in New Jersey–which is where the case will be centrally located. Fosamax was originally distributed to combat osteoporosis and improve bone strength. It has been discovered, in multiple cases, to actually lead to unusual thigh bone fractures with little or no trauma taking place. These fractures have occurred for the most part in a patient’s femur. Merck, the distributor of Fosamax, has been accused of failing to give proper warnings of side effects regarding the risk of fractures throughout the body, specifically in the femur.

Currently, there are nearly a thousand lawsuits involving Fosamax. The jaw lawsuits and femur litigation were not combined because it was ruled that evidence would be substantially different between the two cases.

If you or someone you know has taken the drug FOSAMAX and has experienced bone fractures of any sort, jaw issues, or any other type of painful, life altering side effect, contact the lawyers at Rikard and Protopapas at (803)978.6111 or email us at


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